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Fence panel

Welded wire fence mesh panels are as main part of welded wire mesh fence for security and segregate of road, yards, sport fields, airports and public district fencing by fix them with anti-thief post, round post or square post. It is a commercial choice and welcome by people all over the world. 

fence  panel Specification:


Low carbon steel wire

Galfan wire

Surface finish

Electric galvanized

Hot dipped galvanized

Black+PVC Coated or Black + Powder Coated

Galvanized + PVC Coated or Galvanized + Powder Coated

Wire diameter

Welded fence: 2mm - 6mm as standard. Or customized

Chain link fence: 3mm - 6mm before PVC Coated or after PVC Coated  Or 


Mesh size

Welded fence: 50mm í┴ 200mm,60mmí┴150mm; 50mmí┴100mm; 70mmí┴70mm 

or customized

Chain link fence: 1.2mm to 4.5mm

Fence panel sizes

Height x Width customized sizes


Round post; Square post; Easy Post; Becaclip Post

Y post or unilateral inclined post


Barbed wire or razor barbed wire on the top


Double gate or single gate