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Crowd control barrier

Crowd control barrier is ideal for high security situations, major gatherings or events .It is easy to move and durable character .crowd control barrier surface treatment can be hot dipped galvanized or pvc coated .hot dipped galvanized make the barrier has a silver color ,and pvc coated color is available for all the colors and it just depend on the customer request .

Crowd control barrier also named security barrier, galvanized security barrier ,CCB .crowd control barrier is mainly made by steel pipe and then welding them into barrier .Some of the crowd control barrier is consist of steel pipe and welded mesh panel .the following is a sample :


For the crowd control barrier ,we supply a range of barrier feet according to the customers situation ,the following is different crowd control barrier types according different countries :



Classical Crowd Control Barrier 
Size: 2400mm(L) X 1100mm(H) 
Frame pipe : OD38mm*2.0mm 
Vertical pipe: OD16 mm*1.5mm 
Finishing: Hot dipped galvanized 
Feet Type: Welded permanently 
New Zealand Crowd Control Barrier 
Size: 2400mm (L) X 1200mm(H) 
Frame pipe: OD40 X 2.0mm 
Vertical Pipe: OD 20mm X 1.0mm 
Feet Type: Detachable 
Feet: specification OD35 Connections +Metal Flat feet 
100mm width X 650mm Length X 8.0mm Thickness 
Finishing: Hot Dipped Galvanized 42 Microns 
Australia Crowd Control Barrier 
Size: 2200mm(L) X 1100mm(H) 
Outer: OD25mm 
Vertical Pipe: OD20 
Spacing: 200mm 
Finishing: Hot Dipped Galvanized 42 Microns 
Feet Type: Flat Feet - Removable 
Norway Crowd Control Barrier 
Size: 2000mm(L) X 1500mm(H) 
Main Frame: OD38mm X 2.00mm 
Vertical Pipe: 16mm X 1.5mm 
Spacing between inside Pipe: 150mm 
Finishing: Hot Dipped Galvanized or Electro Galvanized 
Feet Type: Detachable 
Belgium Crowd Control Barrier 
Size: 1150 or 1500mm X 2500mm length 
Frame Pipe: OD 35 X 1.00mm thick 
Vertical Pipe: OD 16 X 1.00mm thick 
Spacing: 125mm 
Feet Type: Welded Permently 
The United Arab Emirates 
Crowd Control Barrier 
Height: 1100mm 
Length: 2500mm 
Outer Frame: OD 38mm X 2.00mm thick 
Infill Picket: OD 16mm X1.00mm thick 
Finish: Hot dipped galvanized 
Feet Type: Removable


Application for the crowd control barrier :